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Trelawney provides corporate strategic consulting services to companies
operating in instrumentation, life sciences and healthcare, software, electronics and engineering. Trelawney Associates' expertise has been gained in main board, operational and business development roles in the sectors' leading companies.  Whatever your company needs, be it to improve performance radically through better business processes, access new markets or make strategic acquisitions, Trelawney will assist you in taking and implementing the right decisions.

  • Thinking about restructuring your operations to ensure that new ideas are transformed rapidly and effectively into winning products? - then Trelawney are ready to help to review time to market and benchmarking processes.

  • Worried about the ad hoc nature of your activities and lack of planning? -
    Trelawney can help implement simple and effective methods which give a sense of direction to your company including assisting in the production of a business plan.

  • Want to be more successful in international markets? - Trelawney can provide you with the first hand research needed to assess the situation and offer solutions to building market share.

  • Profitability being dragged down by poor performing subsidiaries? - Trelawney will make an objective assessment of the problems and work with you to formulate and implement the solution.

  • Need to exploit new technological developments overseas but have little
    experience in licensing or joint ventures?
    - Trelawney Associates have been there already and have practical experience of partnering in Europe, the USA and the Far East.

  • Have a need for a short-term management assignment and want a safe pair of hands? - Trelawney are in a position to offer the exact candidate to do the job cost effectively.

  • Looking to recruit a key manager but want to work with a specialist search consultant? - Trelawney take on special recruitment projects and deliver top quality candidates based on our in-depth industry knowledge.

What makes Trelawney consultancy services special?

A focus on markets that we know intimately

Trelawney principals are experienced high quality business leaders

Our relevant scientific and technological know-how

Our international perspective

A track record of success

For more information contact us on: info@trelawney.com


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Last modified: January 25, 2001